<earth, land, sky and sea as palimpsest>

Zachary Chan

DATE       2021
MEDIUM     Single Channel Video, 17.37 min

If Forests Talk︎︎︎

21 January – 28 February 2021

Julius Baer Next Generation Art Prize Exhibition

30 April – 30 June 2021
Julius Baer Next Generation Art Prize Finalist
Whispering Secrets into Trees, The Poetics of Moving Earth, Terra as Palimpsest are 3 vignettes that offer starting points and a first iteration of <earth, land, sky and sea as palimpsest>, a broader body of work and collaborative research project looking into environmental histories, infrastructures overlaid on spirit paths, extractive capitalist urbanization, archival fragments, moving, shapeshifting walking paths through human built landscapes alongside what lies below and above these trails and coordinates.
<earth, land, sky and sea as palimpsest are invitations> and invocations to see with skin, hear with our feet, feel our way through spatial interruptions and somatically attend to sound at points of transit, change and threshold-crossing.

Each cumulative form of this long-term project is an invitation to reframe hegemonic cartographies, to conjure the ecologies of selves within the seen and unseen, and make memory maps from meandering through the homely and strange, the uninhabitable, the chthonic, the otherworlds and more than human worlds that we share habits and habitats with.