Memory at These Speeds

Karina Roosvita

DATE       2019
MEDIUM     Performance Lecture, Mixed Media Installation

Still Like a Hummingbird

23 February — 22 March 2018
Indonesia Contemporary Art Network, Yogyakarta 
What are the entry points from which we can talk through the ways knowledge is produced, transmitted, consumed, perpetuated? How rapidly do bodies of knowledge shape shift or eventually vanish in this culture of amnesia and speed? What gets retained, passed down, adapted or rendered obsolete and forgotten in the cultural imaginaries and historiographies of this region?
Where do we begin reflecting on the complexities of oral history/tradition, the act of remembering, the question of ancestral memory, local knowledge, the limits of autoethnography, the contexts and desires of community, and the dynamics and multiplication of modernities?
In this lecture-performance, 2 women traverse the varied histories of the perceptible and imperceptible of their respective cultural backgrounds, to tell old and new stories on unresolved memory, fragmented cosmologies and the remapping of mythologies.