Flowers from Our Bloodlines

Stefania Rossetti, Vivian Wang, Tini Aliman, Eric Lee

DATE       2017       
MEDIUM    Performance Lecture

Exhibition de(tour), Ghosts and Spectres: Shadows of History

22 September 2017
NTU Centre for Contemporary Art
Therianthropy, the mythological ability of humans to metamorphose into other animals through shapeshifting, has marked myth and folklore across cultures and times, remaining one of the most common tropes in magical and otherworldly narratives. From concepts of the demonised and desired body, gender-based archetypes, and mythmaking, this lecture-performance invokes family histories and revokes the lineages of colonisation in Southeast Asia.
The event unfolds through the layering of personal memory, collective history, and fragments of ancestral and indigenous knowledge on healing and killing. Remembering the rites of the Wolf Spider and the Harimau Jadian (Were-Tiger) and exploring their multiple translations and adaptations, the performance looks at intergenerational and cross-cultural exchange through storytelling, rituals, gestures, and embodied movement.