Apotropaic Texts

DATE       2019
MEDIUM     Installation, Participatory Workshop

N.O.W. (Not Ordinary Work) Festival

10 July – 28 July 2019
A T:>Works commission
Women in History, Myths and Magic︎︎︎
by Yong Shi Yun
The A List
Apotropaic Texts is conceived as a mixed media sculptural and performative installation which offers entry points into protective magic and its practical uses, the intergenerational and intercultural (mis)representations of the witch, the nenek kebayan and a miscellany of apotropaic defensive tactics historically used to scare attacking troops; keep dangerous animals at bay; and calm the elements.
The exhibition draws largely from both artists’ respective long-term research, practice and creative bodies of work on ritual magic, averting / subverting gender-based archetypes and the varying culturally nuanced principles of power, protection and sorcery.
The work is intended to bring into a polyphonic dialogue, the multitudes and positionalities present in each of their individual lived experiences simultaneously, and to make ample space for other voices that have been cast out to return and create a collective chant of protest.